Shraddha Kapoor enjoys festivities of Holi with her friends!

Shraddha Kapoor enjoys festivities of Holi with her friends!
The Monday that went by was full of brightness and devoid of any sadness! Holi, the vibrant festival of colors, was celebrated with great fervor on March 25 across the country. Celebrities from Bollywood were not an exception, spending the joyous occasion with their loved ones. Among others, Shraddha Kapoor, who is consistently highly active on social media, seized the opportunity to share a glimpse of her festival of colors.
While Bollywood stars enjoyed the spectacular festivities of Holi on March 25, Shraddha Kapoor also posted a number of images and videos to her Instagram stories, giving fans a glimpse into her own celebrations. It should go without saying that the actress is open about her love of food. She has freely acknowledged on several times that she is a foodie.
Because of the serendipity that the Holi holiday provided, the actress celebrated by sharing a number of photos of herself enjoying gheeyar and other delicious treats. In one of the photos, she is seen eating gheeyar and scribbled beneath it, expressing her desires., “Happy Holi (accompanied by colorful hearts) May the only teda thing in your life be gheeyar or jalebi.”
She also shared a picture of delicious treats prepared for the occasion. and posted, “Mujhe kuch mat kehna aaj Holi hai,” and being her playful self, she added a crying girl GIF alongside. In addition to this, sporting a green traditional printed suit with open tresses, the actress shared a couple of photographs with her friends drenched in gulaal. The text on one of her selfie with gulaal all over the face read, “Rang Birangi.” Also, a video has also taken over the internet as she playfully rejoiced and defended herself from getting colored by her friend.


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