Sameera Reddy opens up on body shaming!

Sameera Reddy opens up on body shaming!
Recently, Bollywood star Sameera Reddy took to Instagram and opened up about being compared to her sisters and then with the industry people over her looks. She posted a video and spoke her heart out about it. "I went to the industry where I was compared to everybody. I tried to lighten my skin, I used to do crazy things like [use] coloured lenses because I wanted that fair, light-eyed look. I used pads on every part of my body which I felt was not keeping up with the norms. I did everything that made me feel more crap about myself. That’s why today work harder to fight against any kind of shaming," revealed Sameera, who is a mother of two kids- Hans Varde and daughter Nyra.
About the body shaming, Sameera revealed, "No tricks no make up just me ! #imperfectlyperfect....I had a message form a mom who says she feels ‘fat’ ‘ugly’ and ‘not beautiful’ with her post baby fat . She said she looked at me and felt dejected . OMG!!! So here are my morning swelly eyes . No tricks no make up just me owning it! And I’m hoping that this enforces a positive spin on our own expectations of ourselves . I feel coming back to the public view in a way that I feel no pressure for my own mental health has helped me stay focused on being a good mother and a person who is self accepting that makes it a healthier space for all around me . Don’t dwell on what you are not and what you don’t have! Let’s focus on the good.. we are all."
Sameera Reddy has always been an inspiration to all the mothers and her newest video is the motivation we all need to boost our self-confidence and self-love.


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