Diljit Dosanjh opens up on being linked to Illuminati!

Diljit Dosanjh opens up on being linked to Illuminati!
Diljit Dosanjh is one of many Bollywood and foreign celebrities who have been accused of having ties to the Illuminati, a contentious covert organization. A while back, a photo of Diljit went viral in which he is seen posing in a fashion associated with the said society. The actor and singer has now provided a detailed account of the veracity of the accusations.
In his characteristic manner, Diljit Dosanjh discussed the contentious photo during a media briefing. The Amar Singh Chamkila actor revealed, "Woh jo tha woh crown chakra or third eye ki baat thi. Woh Illuminati ki baat nahi thi. Agar aap samajh rahe ho ki main kisi aisi sanstha ka hissa hoon jo bahut hi secret hai toh feeling toh badi achi hai ke kisi secret society ka main bhi part ho sakta hoon. Mere ko to Illuminati likhna na aaye. Mujhe nahi pata kya hai" (That was about crown chakra and third eye, it wasn't about Illuminati. If you think I am a part of a secret society, it gives me a great feeling that even I can be a part of a secret society. I don't even know how to write Illuminati. I am not aware of it). He jokingly told.
Apart from what he had just indicated, Diljit continued, we should also entertain the idea that the Illuminati might be good after all. He explained that it's difficult to judge if they exist at all, much less whether they are good or evil.
"Aur je aise easy pata chal jaaye to gh*nte ki secret society hai? Matlab jinki baat hi secret nahi rahi woh gh*nte ki society hai." (And if you can learn so easily about a secret society and there's nothing secret about them then how come it's a secret?) he ended his chat on a funny note.


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