Ellen Degeneres to cancel comedy tour dates in 4 cities without a prior warning!

Ellen Degeneres to cancel comedy tour dates in 4 cities without a prior warning!
Ellen DeGeneres's current stand-up tour, titled Ellen's Last Stand... Up, has seen multiple show postponements. She had engagements scheduled for this month and the next in places like Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. At the moment, Ticketmaster has the cancellation policy listed.
The reason for the cancellations was not specified, however Ticketmaster informed the buyers that the event organizer had canceled the tickets. Amount reimbursed throughout the 14–21 day window. It is still possible to purchase tickets for additional shows or tours on the same tour.
Years after she was subjected to several allegations of a toxic work environment on her show, The Ellen Show, DeGeneres embarked on her tour in June. It was striking to witness her comeback as a comedian, which she did after talking about her cancelation and reappearance two years following the conclusion of her 19-season daytime talk program. A participant brought up the topic of DeGeneres talking about her current life and the nasty conspiracies that inspired her work.
She was reminding them that being mean is not acceptable in the entertainment industry, implying that some people have been expelled from the industry for being mean. She remembers reading a headline referring to her as the most disliked person in America. She stated that it affected her as a comedian, and most significantly, that there was no award for it.
She went on to say that it has been difficult for her to fall from grace because she was once one of the most reliable individuals in the nation. Fans and her friends no longer ask her to watch their kids; that was her previous practice. She underlined that because she is no longer required to watch children, it is not a problem for people to stop calling her to do so.
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