Ishq Vishk Rebound star cast opens up about how different film is from Ishq Vishk!

Ishq Vishk Rebound star cast opens up about how different film is from Ishq Vishk!
Ishq Vishk Rebound will soon be available in theaters. The next movie has generated a lot of buzz since it was announced. The 2003 movie Ishq Vishk, which starred Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao and was a childhood favorite of millennials, has the same title as Ishq Vishk Rebound.

Ishq Vishk, the lead cast of the much-awaited film, tells it everything; Ishq Vishk Rebound is neither a "sequel" nor a "remake" of the original.
Actor Rohit Saraf and his co-stars in Ishq Vishk Rebound made it clear during a media Q&A that the movie is neither a sequel nor a remake of Ishq Vishk. In actuality, it's a novel interpretation of love that will appeal to Generation Z.
"Everyone must realise that it is not a sequel or a remake. We are giving a fresh take on the idea of ishq that we see in today’s day and age. So it is more relevant to Gen-Z," Ishq Vishk Rebound actress Naila Grrewal revealed.
Actor Rohit Saraf, whose credits include Ludo and The Sky is Pink, went on to clarify that Ishq Vishk Rebound belongs to the same franchise as the first film. Still, the audience is unfamiliar with the plot.
"And of course (it has) a lot of nostalgia for millennials who have seen the previous Ishq Vishk. It’s a film that belongs to the same franchise but the story is new, the characters are new, even the problems are new," Saraf reevaled.
Speaking of Ishq Vishk Rebound, which is coming out soon, Saraf continued, "Because there are a lot of ships now, situationships, etc, etc. So all of that is explored in this film."
The new film, according to the 27-year-old actor, is all about relationships, love, and bewilderment.

Ishq Vishk Rebound, according to Pashmina Roshan, has that aspect of perplexity that we frequently feel when we fall in love.
"Generally wo jo pyaar mein confusion hota hai, jo Vishk hai, wo same 2003 mein bhi tha aur abhi 2024 mein bhi hai…aur wo humesha rahega (The love confusion is there in the new movie, like the original. It will always be there,)" Roshan revealed.
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