Kangana Ranaut’s strong message for all the women!

Kangana Ranaut’s strong message for all the women!
Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has always been vocal about her views and opinions. We have seen Kangana emerge as a pioneer of feminism. She is bold, headstrong and straightforward in her approach. On the International Women’s Day, people are celebrating the spirit of women.
During her chat at a media conclave, Kangana stressed on the significance of women realizing their own potential instead of waiting for others to certify them. She told, “Women are only as empowered as they think they are. If you don’t think you are equal, nobody can change that.” In another interaction, she also spoke about how women have always been powerful, “Women have always been powerful, they don’t need to be empowered. Our mothers prevented us from every harm that came our way because they understood their responsibility and capability. I don’t think such women need to be empowered. Portraying women as weak in nothing but propaganda.”


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