Film Cheat India gets last minute title objection from CBFC!

Film Cheat India gets last minute title objection from CBFC!
Well-known star Emraan Hashmi's forthcoming film Cheat India which will release on January 18, 2019 has a new title now - "Why Cheat India". The makers of the film received a last-minute objection from Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) over the title. Tanuj Garg, one of the producers of the film confirmed the same to a daily.
The producer told that the board had concerns about the title of the movie. He also said how they had a long conversation regarding the new change as the trailer as TV promos had earlier been certified with the original title but they finally agreed on a title change.
As per a daily, the examining committee saw the movie last Thursday and told that title was a point of discomfort as it was controversial and misleading. "They argued that film with the title has been in the public domain since the last two years and was playing the trailer and promos for a long time but EC was firm and referred it to the Revising Committee which watched the film on Saturday and echoed the sentiments of the EC," the source revealed to a daily.


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